WE’RE BACK! George Floyd Footage Analysis | Good Morning #MugClub

10 Aug 2020
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  • We’re back! Let me know what you’re most looking forward to us covering in the coming weeks! And what’s your take on the most recent round of riots? Do you see them dying down anytime soon?

    StevenCrowderStevenCrowderVor 2 Monate
    • I would like to pitch you a movie or skit idea if you can make it happen, guaranteed millions of views. You can make it as long or as short as you want to

      Carl PenttinenCarl PenttinenVor Monat
    • You said lets watch all of this video and you're leading us through it. Dumb ass. You are making them think like you. And they obviously don't which is why they rioted. DUR... You're a talker... I get it. But you clearly talk too much.

      Snowman374thSnowman374thVor Monat
    • I'm wondering: is it just me, or does it look less like the officer on the other side of the car PULLED Floyd out and more like Floyd PUSHED himself out, once he knew the opposite door was open? It doesn't make sense to me that the officers would all be working to get the guy inside the car, only to pull him out and on to the street instead.

      LostinLALostinLAVor 2 Monate
    • @JROCKSBACK 82 0.000002%

      Alexander ClossonAlexander ClossonVor 2 Monate
    • I was call a bummer because I believe that socialism in a democratic country of 200 years is bad idea because the American people are not use to it

      Maria AguileraMaria AguileraVor 2 Monate
  • He doesnt deserve to have his own day

    wrecker şşwrecker şşVor 11 Stunden
  • PETA was kidnapping and murdering pets

    Margaret RaneyMargaret RaneyVor Tag
  • 9 felonies i have and even myself got messed up by police. you continue to resist you will get messed up 15 minutes he carried on for if you innocent just go

    James SulzmannJames SulzmannVor 4 Tage
  • Dislikes are outnumbered yet again lol 😂 keep dropping those likes

    King Warhammer 1stKing Warhammer 1stVor 5 Tage
  • What is the name of that home alone 2 lofi beat song

    Collin LaundrieCollin LaundrieVor 6 Tage
  • "A gorilla hides out as a fish swimming in the ocean" WTF?! LOL!

    TexTexVor 7 Tage
  • 34:21 - Is why you clicked.

    Mirage UchihaMirage UchihaVor 8 Tage
  • I showed this to my radical left sister and she said it doesn't show anything different and I don't know what to say tbh

    Kilo gKilo gVor 9 Tage
  • I’m wondering who’s gonna let JC start voice acting...? I know where to go now

  • The officers did everything right up until the point where he wouldn’t get his knee off a handcuffed laying on the ground belly down mans neck.

    David BrownDavid BrownVor 12 Tage
    • True

      R3C1NR3C1NVor 10 Tage
  • Disgusting for making jokes about someone’s death mocking him while he’s dead how fucking disgusting of a human can you be

    AndrewAndrewVor 14 Tage
  • Why does he resemble Amy Schumer so strongly

    BodegaBodegaVor 14 Tage
  • I need a link to that easy listening during the intro. Thanks in advance hero! * Disregard, I put the effort in, it bore fruit. Im an adult!

    Taichou LeviTaichou LeviVor 15 Tage
  • Beans

    SJ218PSJ218PVor 24 Tage
  • This leak is too late man. Smh

    Leo SaturnLeo SaturnVor 28 Tage
  • Steven for president? Lol

    AG Furball GamingAG Furball GamingVor 29 Tage
  • Sad to see but so few watched this even over here in Europe really puts context to the situation

    Livewire DBLivewire DBVor Monat
  • I have o ly ever been pled over by a cop once and it wasn't my fault as I was driving my parents van and they were having issues with their light. They thought they fixed it so I honestly didn't know it was still out. I was so nervous and shaky but it helped when he came up laughing when he saw my dog in the back buckled which really put me at ease. He didnt give me a ticket thankfully but I do my best to obey traffic laws and to make sure I dont do anything to get pulled over.

    Winter MoonWinter MoonVor Monat
  • Complaining about usa police..you haven't seen Indian police behavior compared to them usa police are Gentlemen .

    Rohan VermaRohan VermaVor Monat
  • Still had his knee on his neck for 9 minutes... don't know has that's justified. Also the protests about reforming the police, not reparations for whatever

    Abd_Chees eAbd_Chees eVor Monat
  • 39:30 I always wondered what asian patton oswalt looked like.

    Aaron ShattuckAaron ShattuckVor Monat
  • Ngl,some of y'all are probably looking hella goofy right about now

    monkemonkeVor Monat
  • Okay, it may have not been racial issue.. However, what the cop did was still a terrible move. He shouldn't have put his knee on his neck, and there are definitely better ways to handle this situation. If police officers get trained better for this situation then George Floyd would be alive today.

    Scarlett randomScarlett randomVor Monat
    • If George Floyd didn't have so many drugs in his system, he would also be alive today.

      ZypherZypherVor Monat
  • I looked around and they are still trying to spin this footage as bad. Most news outlets only openly advertise this video with all the de-escalation edited out. The full video is usually out of the way or hyperlinks that no one would search for cause they think theyve already seen all of the notable parts. A couple dont even provide the video. At least in the articles i could find. main points of focus include using f**K at the beginning, trying to get him into the vehicle and claustrophobic claims. Again no mention of any de-escalation in the actual articles

    Samuel GarrisonSamuel GarrisonVor Monat
  • didnt bother to try and defend the slow strangling of this man afterwards? Yeah nice one crowder

    ZiroWattZiroWattVor Monat
  • My question here is despite the fact that he was resisting arrest and was entoxicated while driving, why did he have to be pinned down with a knee on his neck? Just asking for more understanding.

    Bill MukunaBill MukunaVor Monat
  • Dyson UK company 🇬🇧.

    Pole NitPole NitVor Monat
  • Crowder you are the man!!!!!

    Bennett SederdahlBennett SederdahlVor Monat
  • gerald b he was in super troopers

    MackYakkaMackYakkaVor Monat
  • They did their job as professionals. 👌

    Touge TazTouge TazVor Monat
  • This video pisses me off omg he's a giant whiny baby man no one is acting like you God man he begged to land in the situation he did such an annoying drama queen can't believe this fucking loser is buried in a golden casket all these BLM criminals they protest for none of them deserve the hero status they get

    Enya MaciasEnya MaciasVor Monat
  • Yelling I can't breath while laying down in the cop car. Yes, I'm going to believe you when you actually can't breath. Which btw he didn't even die to asphyxiation, sooooo.

    Cryptic CobraCryptic CobraVor Monat
    • Dr. Wilson said: “We have seen accounts from the complaint and based on that, yes our findings do differ. Some of the information I read from that complaint states that there was no evidence of traumatic asphyxia. This is the point in which we do disagree. There is evidence in this case of mechanical or traumatic asphyxia.” Thanks for your professional opinion BUT this fellow doctor [assuming you are a Dr.} disagrees with you. But you are a youtube professional so imma go with your theory hahahahahaahaha YOU KNOW HOW SILLY YOU SOUND???

      usgamechampusgamechampVor 18 Tage
  • There was something going on in that passenger seat. I think the dude with the hat and George were trying to get something out of the vehicle before the cops could find it.

    G0053G0053Vor Monat
  • What happened to not gay Jared?

    HoojoHoojoVor Monat
  • I think K9 dogs should be used routinely to subdue non-compliant suspects. The dogs really hold on and the person gives up quite quickly and then can be cuffed. No need to use guns and the suspect calls out for the cop to help! The suspect will find it hard to prove that the dog was biting him because he is black and the rioters are going to have to face the fact that dogs don't bite unless the suspect is resisting arrest.

    Rita LawrenceRita LawrenceVor Monat
  • Enjoy all the price hikes when these companies go into loss prevention mode. Also if you point a gun at my truck I'm hitting the gas

    Darkside2205Darkside2205Vor Monat
  • Got deez cheese burgers maan

    ry fery feVor Monat
  • Wow Crowder lying

    Toby SirusToby SirusVor Monat
    • Thatoneguyinthecomments Crowder is happy George Floyd dird

      Toby SirusToby SirusVor Monat
    • Care to put forward facts that we can actually have a conversation about? Or we just going to throw around some names like "liar" and not back it up?

      ThatoneguyinthecommentsThatoneguyinthecommentsVor Monat
  • I was naive and trusted on the integrity of journalist. I still watch NBC news to keep up to date but I now question all main-media. I finally started watching more conservative media to get both sides' perspective. I was brain-washed by the left media but am now woke. It is sad that we live in an age of over-information and lack wisdom to think critically.

    Arturo TorresArturo TorresVor Monat
    • Thatoneguyinthecomments it’s true, liar

      Toby SirusToby SirusVor Monat
    • @Toby Sirus damn another false claim🤣

      ThatoneguyinthecommentsThatoneguyinthecommentsVor Monat
    • Crowder is a liar. In 2016 Trump said “Kill the gays” at one of his rallies

      Toby SirusToby SirusVor Monat
  • best trump impression ever

    Brayden HixBrayden HixVor Monat
    • No. Crowder sucks. Alec Baldwin’s is the best

      Toby SirusToby SirusVor Monat
  • he should have complied, however the neck thing wasn’t necessary especially for that long, like r we gonna sit here and act like they didn’t use excessive force at the end. let’s be honest

    okDawgzokDawgzVor Monat
    • Well lets also be honest, autopsy (which is not a bias source) came back as heart failure as what killed him, not asphyxiation. Guy was high as fuck on dangerous drugs, has a heart problem, and was going though allot of stress that comes with resisting arrest. So that excessive use of force (aka choking) was not even the cause of death. Had he been pinned to the ground like cops usually do it (with a knee to the back) then floyd would have still died, but officers wold have got allot less flack. Only reason these officers are facing charges is to appease the mob.

      Cryptic CobraCryptic CobraVor Monat
  • They portray Floyd as a saint. Unbelievable

    Wet BreadWet BreadVor Monat
  • The intro music sounds like sumthin off rocket league

    YodaYodaVor Monat
  • Nobody talking about the black on black shooting that happened in new brunswic near the rutgers university 3 days ago. 6 shot 2 dead. 2 black males in their 20s. Lionel m mcauley. Anthony robinson.

    Alpha Manny thooAlpha Manny thooVor Monat
    • Only hearing about it through DEhave comments, still no mainstream media covering it.

      ThatoneguyinthecommentsThatoneguyinthecommentsVor Monat
  • He had more than enough fentanyl to kill a few people and his heart stopped because of it according to autopsy not asphyxiation and he was saying he couldn't breathe before they even touched him wich is caused by fentanyl before your heart stops. Many of us want reform in the police like internal affairs and other things but how will this terrorism change anything? Did 911 help osamas efforts? (No response from the bottom of the ocean except aqua man saying why did you dump him here? Please take your garbage with you )

    killer Wolfkiller WolfVor Monat
  • Your Trump impersonation is so good lol

    Eve Of SpringEve Of SpringVor Monat
  • Steven, if we abolished animal slavery, we wouldn’t just go and kill all pets. We would just stop breeding them into existence.

    Eve Of SpringEve Of SpringVor Monat
  • What is the “900 officer casualties “ around 1:01:00?

    Mitch VMitch VVor Monat
  • They need to re-structure and reform the whole police. The police is very injust in most senarios. And yes racialy bias in some sense. The police doesnt need to put away the guns they have they just need to put it in the hands of non-racialy bias and WELL TRAINED officers. The officers involved in the goerge floyd incident should be convicted even the ones just standing and looking, they've vowed to protect and serve and if they cant do that then they're not doing their job. And should be fired or in more severe casses like this, punished. Also remember that the officers involved in the incident in question had previous eun ins with badly handled situations which where brushed of quiet litteraly. And i whould say that why 80 or so % of the black community wants increased police in their area is because, sadly more people of color live in worse living conditions and more violent areas. And the only people they can get "help" from is the police. That doesnt mean they trust the police. Someone needs to be elected who can press delete and then rebuild the whole police. Because it needs to be done. That's my opinion atleast.

    InaneOrangeGamingInaneOrangeGamingVor Monat
  • girlfriend was saying "he didnt even do nothing" so im a bit confused, are you saying he did something because didnt do nothing would imply he did something...

    Mr. nutMr. nutVor Monat
  • Lmao, those people in that neighborhood weren't going to sit and take that shit.

    James DorpinghausJames DorpinghausVor Monat
  • Im trying really hard to find the 900 cops killed stat and I cant

    BruceBruceVor Monat
  • 36:30 George Floyd full tape

    Ryan LaroseRyan LaroseVor Monat
  • crowder youre a douchebag, you dont always have to be talking all the time, and its not that you called Geralds baby gross its how you said it. you are so rude and its repulsive, i couldnt watch out of embarrassment for you. I try to enjoy your shows but your such an ass. You should treat your employees better before they all leave you

    VitalExistenceVitalExistenceVor Monat
    • Cry me a river bitch

      SA3SA3Vor Monat
  • yall are so mean to gerald i hate it

    StephaniefrohlichStephaniefrohlichVor Monat
  • In my opinion the problem isn't the police it's the court system.. I've had many unfortunate and uncomfortable encounters with the police but when I stopped breaking the law and putting myself in bad situations I suddenly stopped running into the police. I haven't had a face to face conversation with one in over 4 yrs

    jamesjamesVor Monat
  • why hasn't Steven been on fox yet is there a reason he's chosen not to

    jamesjamesVor Monat
  • holy shit and ppl continue to defend this man?

    Joseph MessinaJoseph MessinaVor Monat
  • The PETA death of animals is mostly 80-90%

    Silent24Silent24Vor Monat
  • Why did he approach the vehicle with a weapon instead of just coming up and talking to him like any police officer would. Had he come up and knocked on the window with his finger, that would be different. This doesn't change the fact that it was murder. He was handcuffed and passed out and he was still on his neck.

    Jordan HarmonJordan HarmonVor Monat
  • So obviously these cops shouldn't have put their knee on his neck for so long. However I feel like if they would have been more aggressive initially to get him into the car, then they would have never been on the news. So much for trying to do the right thing!

    Easton JonesEaston JonesVor Monat
  • That george floyd pic on the thumbnail was actually a little scary

    Sean MyhreSean MyhreVor Monat
  • When do they offer this class to criminals? While others learn to comply. Which one dies more?

    txsplash1999txsplash1999Vor Monat
  • Remember that black people celebrated OJ Simpson after he killed 2 white people.

    txsplash1999txsplash1999Vor Monat
  • He was just in a closed car...I can’t breathe in there. I’m claustrophobic. GTFOH

    txsplash1999txsplash1999Vor Monat
  • Say what you will about the first part but how can you justify kneeling on someone’s neck for almost nine minutes?

    Aiden HeppAiden HeppVor Monat
  • Why hold up 66x tho?

    Angel VillagranAngel VillagranVor Monat
  • Also as a person who works with choke holds in martial arts often, if they can speak they can breathe that is the first thing you learn when training with choke holds

    The gaming PlatypusThe gaming PlatypusVor Monat
  • This the face of black people of 2020 lol.. How embarrassing for BLM lmao..

    HighTech BHighTech BVor Monat
  • The question is why did they put a knee on his neck in the first place?

    Google UserGoogle UserVor Monat
  • I’m pretty far left and I’m not gonna say that the blm movement is wrong but I will say that the death of George Floyd wasn’t racially motivated at all. This particular case the cop handled it the best he could. There was no brutality

    Alex DiamondAlex DiamondVor Monat
    • I disagree, there are lots of places you can place your weight to control the torso. A knee on the neck sounds, looks, and feels like a brutal one. At the extreme least that is excessive force.

      TylerTylerVor Monat
  • They are all actors

    Snappycrane7Snappycrane7Vor Monat
  • 13:42 You're welcome

    cheesyhead98cheesyhead98Vor Monat
  • he say i can breath inside of the car, maybe because all of the stress he started to OD

    gzaosgzaosVor Monat
  • Perfect Biden impression with the fish!

    Frank PersicoFrank PersicoVor Monat
  • Um. Congrats to Gerald....?

    20318조에스더20318조에스더Vor Monat
  • every shithead knows you shouldn't clamp the carotid artery.

    HinnigaHinnigaVor Monat
  • All of this was already pretty obvious from the early surveillance cam footages we had. And yet... never too soon to try and manipulate public opinion.

    NiitroxydeNiitroxydeVor Monat
  • The real crimals here are the media and Ellison who didn’t released the whole video from the beginning. Obviously meant to create a narrative.

    E BE BVor Monat
  • fuck george

  • I think it's stupid that those two older people holding firearms on their property, obviously scared that those protesters might try and trespass, were arrested.

    BlackPineappleBlackPineappleVor Monat
  • Whoever thinks that it's not right for the police to be shooting tear gas, rubber bullets, etc. It's because RIOTING is not the same thing as PEACEFULL protesting. We have the right to PEACEFULL protest, not burning down stores, and attacking people just trying to get somewhere in their vehicles.

    BlackPineappleBlackPineappleVor Monat
  • Difference between him saying I can't breath in the back of the car and him laying with his neck on the curb and a 200lb man having all his weight(as he puts his hands in his pockets) across your neck is kinda of a different thing. Are the cops trying to be courteous and work with him even though he's making it difficult? Definitely. Until the part when he got back pulled out I'd say they had more patience with him than is on your average police stop. Its the part after that I have issues with. The parts where you can hear the guy getting weaker calling out, then going limp and not moving and paramedics arriving and the cop is still sitting on his neck, hands in pockets and a smirk on his face. Refusal to see if he's ok or to check his pulse.

    D00MTR33D00MTR33Vor Monat
  • This dude's gotta be seeing fucking unicorns if he is this high. So he is driving on influence of drugs, has a record of being on prison, doesn't comply and reaches around for something and starts screaming don't shoot me. Yeah, police brutality... Yeah....

    Geronimo SilvaGeronimo SilvaVor Monat
  • A lot of parents don't give their kids flu shots.

    David GutierrezDavid GutierrezVor Monat
  • These protests where unavoidable because George floyd would of died in the cop car.

    wraith talionwraith talionVor Monat
  • "i'm not a bad guy" aint that the same guy who was involved in a home invasion and allegedly put a gun into a pregnant womans belly?

    Marc TMarc TVor Monat
  • I watched most of the tape yesterday, never realized it existed. It totally changes the perspective.

    Judah MwaniaJudah MwaniaVor Monat
  • ok boomer

    Sam HookerSam HookerVor Monat
  • Your awesome!!!

    Joeann HillJoeann HillVor Monat
  • Are the 900 police casualties due to the “protests” or in 2020 as a whole because it seems kinda high? And I know the difference between casualties and fatalities

    Trevor BowlesTrevor BowlesVor Monat
    • I was wondering the same thing, I can’t find any information on this..

      DaksDaksVor Monat
  • This will be the trial of the century. If justice is done America will burn and hundreds will die. What a situation.

    Chris NietoChris NietoVor Monat
  • liberals be like: sources: "dude trust me"

    Mikhaw LogginsMikhaw LogginsVor Monat
  • how to end police brutality: behave yourselves motherfuckers

    Comrade VladmirComrade VladmirVor Monat
  • He kicked himself out of the Car They had him in there and he Kicked himself out it is the Meth He is high as hell on Meth I Don't feel bad for G.F. not one bit

    josh otisjosh otisVor Monat
  • The real George Floyd died 3.5 years ago in Texas. his lawyer came forward after the "event." he showed pictures of George Floyd next to a girl that he said was a friend of his. George Floyd was only 5'10" where as the actor that played George Floyd was 6'4" The lawyer showed his death certificate too. certifying that George Floyd died 3.5 years ago and in Texas and his actual height and stuff. since then the lawyers Facebook has been removed along with all that data. The man in the video's real face was close enough to the pictures of the real george floyd that deep faking his face onto him was cake. especially with the "body cam" being so low quality. another thing, does anyone know what a real body cam sounds like when you watch the video? every min or so the body cam lets off a very loud beep. you have heard it in other body cam videos. and not in this one. not from any of the different cams. did u know you can purchase the same body cams the police have? the guy they have cuffed and the people who were i the car and just this whole situation screams "broadway play!" ITS AN ACT!!! AND EVERY ONE PUT DOWN COMMON SENSE AND PUT DOWN HAVING THEIR OWN THOUGHTS AND SNOWBALLED ON EACHOTHER DESTROYING SHIT BEFORE LISTENING TO WHAT IS GOING ON. THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA IS TO BLAME FOR 90% OF THE LIES.

    DaVeeDDaVeeDVor Monat
  • Steven, thank you for your courage

    V GV GVor Monat
  • Let’s not forget that the autopsy showed that the knee on the neck didn’t kill him... So that fact is honestly irrelevant.. Chauvin should get off.

    Patrick JacquesonPatrick JacquesonVor Monat
  • Bro what the fuck. I didn't follow all this too closely at the time but from what I heard it was Joe Rogan saying the cop was racist, the cop has been in trouble for racism before and the cop worked with George Floyd and was racist to him. What's going on man. That was on Rogan!

    Bald DeGeaBald DeGeaVor Monat