Crowder CALLS OUT Nevada Official on Voter Roll Errors! | Louder with Crowder

3 Mär 2021
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Crowder has a Nevada official on the hot seat to answer why there are SO MANY ERRORS on the voter rolls. We all dive into the latest scandals involving Govs. Andrew Cuomo and Gretchen Whitmer. Former CIA chief John Brennan says he’s “ashamed to be white” for some reason. And why are people calling Dr. Seuss books racist?
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  • Sorry I'm late, but is professor penis still a thing? or the anchor version? please either, practice the skit before the show. or stop. I say this with love, cause it holds a lot of potential. I just hurt watching Crowder hurt when it doesn't meet his excellent standard of comedy

    Thomas GroverThomas GroverVor 5 Tage
  • Gov. Whitmer Aka the Slag of Michigan

    Scorpio197935Scorpio197935Vor 6 Tage
    • keep in mind Slag is just the unwanted refuse of the smelting industry

      Scorpio197935Scorpio197935Vor 6 Tage
  • God that election official seriously irritated me. I refuse to believe he's that fucking stupid. He has to be acting like that intentionally

    Dakota FletcherDakota FletcherVor 6 Tage
  • dont send crowder a penny if you do you probaly sent donald trump money to dumb asses

    david jonesdavid jonesVor 8 Tage
  • The guy said himself that ppl sign under penalty of purgery that their info is correct. So, you correct it by first enforcing the purgery. Then, if there’s no law to remove the purgered information, the legislature needs to get on that.

    tbardonitbardoniVor 11 Tage
  • You need to run for president!

    John FarrarJohn FarrarVor 13 Tage
  • 14:25 think he was fired after that?

    Anal Eyes Analyze Anal LiesAnal Eyes Analyze Anal LiesVor 17 Tage
  • I own mcelligots pool its literally one of my favorites

    MrWestMrWestVor 19 Tage
  • 33:27 as a Californian, agreed

    MrWestMrWestVor 20 Tage
  • Governor Witless. Obviously. Also that phone call montage was... I felt bad for their fall guy who was too uh... Vapid to quite understand what was repeatedly being asked. Either he was too dumb or deliberately dodging the questions.

    MatthewMatthewVor 25 Tage
  • Algorithm 🦄

    K CK CVor 26 Tage
  • I want no mask mandate... I’m fine with people wearing masks, but I don’t want you forcing me to wear one

    MrWestMrWestVor 27 Tage
  • Isn’t removing men from women exclusive...?

    MrWestMrWestVor 27 Tage
  • Louder with Crowder, doing the investigative work our mainstream press doesn’t. Hmmm... Come on, man!! You know the thing!

    Bill HargateBill HargateVor 29 Tage
  • I'm embarrassed he is a white Male too

    Jamestown79Jamestown79Vor 29 Tage
  • All states need to lift all mask mandate

    SanzoJoeSanzoJoeVor Monat
  • Here's a comment for ya, Mr. Crowder!

    GinjaGinjaVor Monat
    • Great work with the voter registration call! Can't believe the absolute buffoonery that goes on in this country

      GinjaGinjaVor Monat
  • In a lawsuit where in 1987 the DNC was suing about Gerrymandering an agreement was reached. RNC could keep Gerrymandering and there would be no Political party generated investigations into voter fraud in "Racially Diverse Areas". Both parties know and accept cheating in this manner. RNC could have leadership last forever in the RNC, DNC could keep majority inside cities that were Racially Diverse with their DNC candidates seldom ever losing. Prior to 1987 Dems complained intensely about cheating, after 1987 Dems all say cheating doesn't exist. Where were the strange occurrences in 2020... racially diverse areas. I'm sorry folks... Republicans allowed this to happen for a reasoning based in... a agreement decades old. To say, the leadership of the RNC isn't complaining much about cheating are they... and noticeably general complaining started dying down when the RNC was assured recent murmurs about Gerrymandering were made.. which has died down now also. So.. another round of dishonest elections are over.. period.. as far as the 2 corporations are concerned, the DNC and RNC. Nothing changed because both political party corporations once again got that which was wanted and agreed to before. This is a criminal enterprise system anywhere else except in politics-RICO. The obvious underlying problem with Criminal enterprise is that there are always other criminals ready willing and able to be even bigger criminals..... enters the Socialist Liberals. Willing to burn down cities, attack individuals in every sense of the word 'Attack'. All of this is put up against a background of the American voter, who isn't aware Voter Cheating is a agreed to political party paradigm. Until the American conscience actually accepts that Cheating is a standardized method of the 2 parties splitting up control of voting, thus leadership... the citizens will never understand why both parties simply exchange leadership, back and forth, over and over, as each party seems to accomplish nothing but get rich and when voting direction changes it is because citizens want solutions... we only get more corruption from the other party... over and over. By dividing the citizenry the 2 parties have successfully made all reasons for leadership failures due to 'The Other Guys'.. the 'Other Guys' are the 2 parties... over and over. We could interrupt this mess... citizens could demand a fair election system.. pretty simply applied, all other developed countries have it. It isn't secret, there needs no magic wand, no vast web of computers, no anomalous hack-ware... simply Id and blue thumbs. Both parties are quite willing to have the citizenry fight tooth and nail against each other... they want this... infighting in the citizenry... just as long as citizens don't fight the parties, the corporations, the RNC and DNC... agreed to dishonesty, corrupt, illegal use of the citizens vote. Imagine that!!! Imagine a huge problem extinguished by a person simply with an Id... and a dip of a thumb into a inkwell which indicates having had voted. If you are somehow emotionally tied to anger, deceit, into ignoring all I've said that is just what the 2 parties does it feel? I can predict exactly what you will feel the rest of your life about this.... more anger having always deceitful elections which brings more anger..... over and over and over...... while politicians get RICH AND RICHER AND RICHER.... over and over and over. Why talk about it'... at all? Accept it... demand fair elections. Don't talk about who's ideas of what a fair election is comprised of... just demand that which every other country has, Id and backup blue thumbs. Understand,,, the only people losing now are the voters.... everybody loses with corrupt elections, there is no other outcome possible for voters... just as there is no other outcome but politicians getting corrupt dollars from unfairness. You only think your vote actually matters. A system of cheating means it does not... but the back and forth of the 2 parties does make it look like your vote mattered.

    mike darmike darVor Monat
  • 1:08:55 - Best explanation is someone was paid off to enter in fake votes so Biden could win. We had a commander~n~thief in office and no one's concerned, with fake votes that were bought and paid for by Biden's goons. And no this is NOT A "CALL" for violence, more of a call for attention, this needs to be investigated by officials and something needs to be done to secure our elections so this can't happen again, because something did happen with this last election. I mean if our votes don't matter and the few can pay off a few officials in key areas and do mass vote dumps to make the guy that no one in the country likes nor voted for will win, then why go through the motions, to try to keep this illusion of freedom. If we have officials in office that nobody voted for were not free.

    michael revelsmichael revelsVor Monat
  • Steven, my theory about why the Governors did what they did is kinda sinister. I think they did it because of the numbers. If you take a look at what direction the nursing home votes go then it makes alot of since for them to want them gone, not to mention the money. One, it frees up all the money they would be spending on their care and two, covid deaths equal federal funds. So when you consider all three of those, it really brings things into focus as to why they did what they did. Hell the money alone put a target on their backs, but when you add in that it was an election year and the numbers for which direction they leaned in the past. It's sad mema had to go cus they needed a few extra bucks and she leaned to far right. But that's just a theory, a gam..... I mean a real theory involving real people that died, how has no one on any official capacity investigated this and pressed real charges on these people. Has anyone from these states tried getting the police involved, saying "these people killed my parents" I want them arrested now for murder among other things. I mean my God, they're committing mass murder in broad daylight in front of thousands of witnesses. How has nothing been done. Where's the public outrage, where's the nation wide media coverage, where's the justice.

    michael revelsmichael revelsVor Monat
  • Epstein didn’t kill himself

    Bellah HillsBellah HillsVor Monat
  • .

    Lance BelangerLance BelangerVor Monat
  • Dear sir I would just like to inform you in all the people in the world that they talk about having to show an ID to vote and oh my God how fucking burning that is I went to pick up my taxes and without a valid I am talking a valid ID I cannot get my tax paperwork so for all those who I'm going to move baseball games basketball games golfing whatever else skinny dipping remember this that if you want your taxes from h&r block you better have an ID and it better be valid so all this pissing and moaning and bullshit about voter regulation think about that

    Alisa funAlisa funVor Monat
  • The minor closet intraorally tick because comparison genotypically waste astride a squeamish channel. shallow, flagrant grasshopper

    Mark HannaMark HannaVor Monat
  • Found the state to send my parents for nursing home care ;)

    Kyle ManningKyle ManningVor Monat
  • This shit is always gold to listen too.

    Kyle ManningKyle ManningVor Monat
  • This guy exists in every State agency... he's not an anomaly.

  • Go! Just commenting.

    Tim MitchellTim MitchellVor Monat
  • Trump Jr 2024!

    egwene21egwene21Vor Monat
  • Government officials are designed to do nothing.

    philip hornerphilip hornerVor Monat
  • nursing homes

    Blas PerniaBlas PerniaVor Monat
  • hi their

    Blas PerniaBlas PerniaVor Monat
  • Michigan doesn't have nothing on Pennsylvania's corruption

    Shane DShane DVor Monat
  • Grim Whitmer and her nursing home follies...

    CassandraGACassandraGAVor Monat
  • Comment.

    Casey HartsockCasey HartsockVor Monat
  • I'm part Italian, and your stereotyping of Italians was dead on, hilarious, and I was not in anyway offended.

    RundarkRundarkVor Monat
  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1031shadowwolf1031shadowwolfVor Monat
  • It's been a month since this got uploaded, and theres literally nothing that has changed

    Nicholas JohnstonNicholas JohnstonVor Monat
  • 👮🏻👮🏽‍♂️🇺🇸👮‍♂️👮🏻👮🏽‍♂️🇺🇸

    Gia LayneGia LayneVor Monat
  • Snow White's wicked stepmother , Whitmer could be called stepmother- Didn't they get more money for flu- I mean covid deaths?

    Mary CanfieldMary CanfieldVor Monat
  • What about Governor Inslee, I've heard he'd done the same, here, in WA ?

    Mary CanfieldMary CanfieldVor Monat
  • You do the women impression too well! Lol

    Mary CanfieldMary CanfieldVor Monat
  • The Nevada official sounds like a little kid who got caught with his hands in the cookie jar.

    Jim FernandezJim FernandezVor Monat
  • I honestly can't comprehend how people could throw a THREE YEAR TANTRUM over what had finally been described to me... as some Russians... making fake profiles.... and saying trump is super cool! c'mon gang let's all vote for him!!... and just like....a Russian miracle... that garnered 50 million votes for trump because every single person on the right is just so easily influenced by random facebook comments and liberal media sites as we all know, that's without question the only reason he won! So now we have blatantly obvious meddling and fraud, in many forms, in many states, more than enough HARD EVIDENCE that this occurred a multitude of times, and now we've got thee most SUSPECT phone call i think I've EVER heard from whom we're told is an "election official".... that coincidentally knows absolutely nothing about election law/protocol and needs to call back 3 different times because he was so frazzled and disjointed in his beyond incoherent ramblings. The whole time listening to him try and play dumb, which certainly wasn't a good look when being asked incredibly simple and direct questions that someone in a position entitled "election official" should know without even thinking, but it basically sounded like he was trying to break down quantum nuclear physics mixed with differential equations and triple integrals to a handicapped 3rd grader, holy shit was that painful. And now the left is really just sitting back and playing the "you're a paranoid conspiracy theorist who can't accept a loss" card while vehemently refuting real life evidence that they too can fact check and verify? The fact these people can see the same voter fraud they wanted to impeach a president for, but now with actual real life evidence and proof this is CLEARLY worse in basically every facet of election fraud and they can just turn their heads and point the blame all of a sudden? When we watch these things over and over and over and these people are ironically never at fault or always on the morally right side, it starts to speak volumes about these people's integrity, ethics, and morals. Just as greedy and self-absorbed as the people they claim to hate so much.

    Kris KripotosKris KripotosVor Monat
    • I said the same thing.

      natashka1982natashka1982Vor 29 Tage
  • That dude is dense a/f. Wow. These people are in charge of the most important things all over the country

    bsw051bsw051Vor Monat
  • Screw you youtube. Crowder for life!!!

    BigAcorn LavaflaBigAcorn LavaflaVor Monat
  • $2200 in money given to Americans and they don’t want to go to work

    Tony CabralTony CabralVor Monat
  • Monetize StevenCrowder

    Connor FitzpatrickConnor FitzpatrickVor Monat
  • When dealing with government workers, its always difficult to tell whether they're really that stupid or just pretending to be stupid. Exhibit A: that dude in Nevada Steven is speaking to.

    Red PineappleRed PineappleVor Monat
  • call her Gov Whitless

    Red PineappleRed PineappleVor Monat
  • Cuomo segment is hilarious, but unfortunately probably very accurate.

    Red PineappleRed PineappleVor Monat
  • Corona home

    Constitutional Freedoms & RightsConstitutional Freedoms & RightsVor Monat
  • I hope aliens really don't sound like robots from bad 50s movies...

    Red PineappleRed PineappleVor Monat
  • 👍

    Casey DiMattiaCasey DiMattiaVor Monat
  • Such fowl language!

    G.M. RobertsonG.M. RobertsonVor Monat
  • Governor whoopsmore

  • Imagine being cuomo’s wife... 😔🤦🏽‍♀️

    Sarah AldermanSarah AldermanVor Monat
  • I know my father would have never voted for biden, being that he voted republican for the last 50 years and died 3 years ago. Yet we are still receiving propaganda from the dnc. 😑

    Sarah AldermanSarah AldermanVor Monat

    NESNESVor Monat
  • Ahoy!

    NESNESVor Monat
  • there were so many questions that should of been addressed in these election regardless of anything, and instead they Ghosted the people lied about "it thrown out of court" NO it was never heard in court, it was heard from legislative board and one of them even said "this is a travesty!" but crickets from supreme court thrown out without being heard! there is no doubt in my mind there was fraud, to what level idk!

    estelle potterestelle potterVor Monat
  • Did you delete the other video about the Nevada voter fraud?

    Kevin's VlogKevin's VlogVor Monat
  • Just saw YT's 'community' (censorship 🤐👁‍🗨) guidelines take down the episode or so before this one... down the memory hole 🕳

    MetachoiMetachoiVor Monat
  • Anybody else just see that the previous live stream got taken down

    MrWestMrWestVor Monat
  • that video was terrifying.

    Scott SternkopfScott SternkopfVor Monat
  • Awesome Please PCS me to Texas!

    GhostWolf 2424GhostWolf 2424Vor Monat
  • Shit's poppin off !

    Kiid_ChukiKiid_ChukiVor Monat
  • The reasoning behind sending someone affected with covid-19 into a nursing home is about the $ Money $. Every time I doctor at a hospital admit someone with covid-19 they get money from the government. The more patience the more money and the more they can politicize covid.

    Wayne HoneyWayne HoneyVor Monat
  • The explanation -- CORRUPTION !!

    walter halpinwalter halpinVor Monat
  • Nursing homes

    David MansfieldDavid MansfieldVor Monat
  • This scandal is just to take minds off the bigger fish that need fried like Biden, Clinton and Pelosi.

    Jeremy SloanbJeremy SloanbVor Monat
  • Now we the people need Biden and Harris impeached and Pelosi.

    Jeremy SloanbJeremy SloanbVor Monat
  • Go Texas

    Jeremy SloanbJeremy SloanbVor Monat
  • Lift all mask mandates

    Jeremy SloanbJeremy SloanbVor Monat
  • Why is nothing being done about Hunter Biden and all the corruption that goes along with that story. Also why is no one talking about the fraudulent presidential election and why is no one trying to impeach Biden for the border crisis and Hunter Biden scandal. Please address these issue Crowder.

    Jeremy SloanbJeremy SloanbVor Monat
  • Commenting to help. Love your show.

    Adam CurtisAdam CurtisVor Monat
  • Adding a comment cause you are asking us to.

    james danieljames danielVor Monat
  • Love this

    aubrey Bassettaubrey BassettVor Monat
  • Imagine a world where people other than just the LWC team pursue real stories. Sigh.

    Red Diamond FireRed Diamond FireVor Monat
  • My mother worked at a [NURSING HOME] before the pandemic mandates hit, she did groceries and small meaningless tasks nobody would for the old people because the nurses were asshats, she worked security/safety, they did all sorts of sweet things for her like sewing or leatherwork bags, even the ''problematic'' ones, it breaks my heart that most of those people are dead or completely caged now. Something like cookies or a cake would make their day big time.

    Sarah NystromSarah NystromVor Monat
  • "Release the kraken" said no reasonable person would buy into her bullcrap🤡🤡🤡

    yaboi killermemestaryaboi killermemestarVor Monat
  • Quote from Sidney Powell defending herself in court on her election fraud statements: "No reasonable person would conclude those were truly statements of fact". LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Chowder Head duped again.

    EdwardLongshankEdwardLongshankVor Monat
  • The CCP Diploma is correct. The USA is no longer the Global power that other countries look up to since we allowed a Senile Old Fool of a Clown, who has never accomplished anything in his life, to and the Democrat Party along with its two terrorist groups, ANTIFA and BLM to steal an election and become America's First Illegitimate President. Biden knows nothing abut the Chinese Physic and how to handle them while Trump was an expert in doing that as he has dealt with the Chinese during his business days. What happened in Alaska would have never happened if Trump was still President and Pompeo was still the Secretary of State. I wonder how the old Con Artist Biden is going to handle the Chinese when they invade Taiwan. We are the laughing stock of the World now. We can give our thanks to both the Judas Mike Pence and the Chief Justice Traitor John Roberts' Supreme Court for not doing the correct action. Having the Commie Harris succeed Biden will be no improvement as she has accomplished noting in her life other than doing the Deep Throat. Maybe Commie Harris should have been at the meeting to service the Chinese Diplomats.

    iao69iao69Vor Monat
  • Much love bro, keep up the good work. We all know the TRUTH, and it shall PREVAIL!!!

    Will JohnsonWill JohnsonVor Monat
  • Nursing homes cover up. Disgusting. Go get them. LWC.

    Gil Moss NetoGil Moss NetoVor Monat
  • Nevada is gone. Revolution is the only way to repair the state.

    Michael PowellMichael PowellVor Monat
  • How about Stretchin Gretchen?

    Niki StasiakNiki StasiakVor Monat
  • 🇺🇸

    James LlewellynJames LlewellynVor Monat
  • The New York Governor isn't a rapist, he just sexually violates women, "unintentionally."

    Mr. NUNYAMr. NUNYAVor Monat
  • Comment of the day

    AmokraAmokraVor Monat
  • We call the Woman in Michigan "dictator," "tyrant," or "fuhrer." Or just... the Woman in Michigan. Daddy Trump really won that naming contest Also - excellent work. Thank you and keep it up I'm weeks behind and I'm always excited to see how you covered what I know has happened since wherever I left off

    Donald RichardsonDonald RichardsonVor Monat
  • The guy on the phone was very hard to listen to..his way of not really answering your questions, going round and round seemed like a way of hoping that maybe you would get off the phone with him and stop pursuing answers to your questions but then he would call you back which totally blew my theory so then I thought...maybe he doesn’t know his job? Maybe he doesn’t listen? Maybe he can’t comprehend? Maybe that is why he was hired in the first place and maybe he never gets calls from investigative reporters! It’s starting to remind me of other government employees who have recently been employed!

    rose bodenrose bodenVor Monat
  • I didn't know the ny governor was a rapper.

    Bryan EldredBryan EldredVor Monat
  • Love your show!!! The Agenda I am seeing is the Canceling of our History. Demolish our laws and Constitution. Changing the definition of words in Webster. Tear down our statues that cause conversation and thought. The cancelation of free speech and truth. Canceling Books that inspire imagination or speak the truth. I could go on. These are all too slow. The fast track to changing History is to put Covid Positive people in Nursing homes. We erase the generation that has the historical knowledge to pass on to the younger generation.

    The Conch LadyThe Conch LadyVor Monat
  • Kamala Harris makes me gag everytime she speaks. Sounds like she is about to have a nervous breakdown or bust out in tears everytime. She is sickening to listen to almost as much as Biden.

    Seth LeekeSeth LeekeVor Monat
  • The dude was trying as hard as he could not to admit that they don't ever verify any addresses given to them and that they only change if someone questions them

    SevenUpHubSevenUpHubVor Monat
  • That look @ 46:01

    ModYourMazdaModYourMazdaVor Monat
  • That segment with the Nevada voter integrity employees, shows just how idiotic these people are. From top to bottom. They can't even answer simple questions about voter integrity AND IT'S THEIR GD JOB!!! It makes me sick. The idiocracy makes me sick!!!

    Flawed DadFlawed DadVor Monat
  • Comment!!!!

    Kevin Clause4p55pKevin Clause4p55pVor Monat
    • The best number on the roulette wheel is 17

      Kevin Clause4p55pKevin Clause4p55pVor Monat
    • He can fly!!!

      Kevin Clause4p55pKevin Clause4p55pVor Monat
    • DEhave POff

      Kevin Clause4p55pKevin Clause4p55pVor Monat
    • 50:28 that's what I do for hold music

      Kevin Clause4p55pKevin Clause4p55pVor Monat
    • More comments

      Kevin Clause4p55pKevin Clause4p55pVor Monat
  • The Official sounded like he would not be able to fill an order at mickey D's !

    chezoraychezorayVor Monat