EXCLUSIVE! Texas AG interview discussing SCOTUS SUIT! | Good Morning #MugClub

10 Dez 2020
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We go LIVE with the Texas Attorney General to get the latest, exclusive details on the lawsuit going to the SCOTUS.

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  • Did Swallwell really just side-step like a boss?

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    Matthew BlairMatthew BlairVor 2 Tage
  • I just sent my Vermont A.G to stand up with Texas or I'm switching partys and combat bidens crazy policys

  • Love you guys

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  • I know u don’t make as much for your DEhave videos as u should and I’d like to thank everyone who’s on mug club. I don’t hav a lot of money and can’t support the channel so I appreciate you still putting videos up on DEhave 👍

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  • is there anyone here whos very aware of indiana state law i ask because i am being brought to small claims court for a water bill that isnt in my name nor did i ask the person who paid it to pay it my name isnt on the rental place and the people who paid it are bringing me to court for it i am young and new to adulthood and live in a very corrupt area (according to common belief) (princeton(city name if needed)) as far as the legal system goes. it gets a tad deeper but if anyone has advice please talk to me because I dont know what to do i cant afford the bill from last summer (when i was there) let alone the legal charges that come with it and i need help

    Orion SmytheOrion SmytheVor 18 Tage
  • comment... cuz asked.

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  • Texas AG should go to jail.

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  • Yes

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  • yup

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  • Dude i want this in french !! They just talk about poutine .

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  • Get through that algorithm Steven! Fight the good fight✊🏻

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  • algorithm one month later!

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  • Damn lost all respect for this guy, biden won.

    DaNe RiCoDaNe RiCoVor Monat
    • @Tiny J but he didn’t the courts proved it, maybe dont be part of a cult little boi

      DaNe RiCoDaNe RiCoVor 24 Tage
    • That's not the problem. The problem is he cheated to do it.

      Tiny JTiny JVor 24 Tage
  • Some how your channel came up in feed, I thought I would check out what you've been up to. Glad I did.

    Matt AhrensMatt AhrensVor Monat
  • lool

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  • Thank you.

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  • Okay might I just say how chilling a moment it is when y’all are looking at the literal sandlot on google maps that is registered as a voting place...

    Kaitlyn CookKaitlyn CookVor Monat
  • Great video! Always love to watch. Comment for the algorithm.

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  • I would like to see an update on this, since all the things complaints were denied and Biden is now a president.

    Ihana KaunotarIhana KaunotarVor Monat
    • @Tiny J no they haven’t. Care to post a link?

      Darth MattDarth MattVor 24 Tage
    • I'd like to see an update since even Time is admitting the election was rigged.

      Tiny JTiny JVor 24 Tage
    • @First Thessalonian fraud? Prove it? Oh wait you people can’t. Trump was defeated in a landslide and you cultists are such anti American bastards you’ll lie and tell yourselves there was imaginary fraud.

      Darth MattDarth MattVor Monat
    • It is very sad. Our government was completely complicit in fraud. It would be treason to ignore all the evidence, and no court in the land reviewed the evidence.

      First ThessalonianFirst ThessalonianVor Monat
  • What can we possibly do to fix this

    veenie your momveenie your momVor Monat
  • This is crazy how can a president commits 15 million counts of voter fraud and still be in office

    veenie your momveenie your momVor Monat
  • When are you coming back bro????

    Clint PierceClint PierceVor Monat
  • This garbage didnt age well.. Now Crowder and crew are in hiding. lol

    SuperMikeAttackSuperMikeAttackVor Monat
    • @Tiny J no they didnt. And dont claim thats what the Time article said, because it did not.

      SuperMikeAttackSuperMikeAttackVor 24 Tage
    • This comment didn't age well. Even the MSM admitted the election was rigged.

      Tiny JTiny JVor 24 Tage
  • Boe Jiden wins. FATALATIDDY!

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  • Donald has been the only president I have actually watched and liked and didn’t fall asleep.

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  • Yotube algorithm yahhh

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  • so if this video is taken down then it shows that youtube is against the first amendment.

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    • And this video still up and will be up. And you are the boys that cried wolf.

      Yo MofoshoYo MofoshoVor Monat
  • "Information"... Holy fuck, Crowders grift ran out and now he's brainstorming how to return with a new grift, watch, he'll return like nothing happened and he's just waiting for Biden to do stuff and then come with new angles and narratives to get idiots to vicariously feel outraged and donate to his grift mugclub

    SalSalVor Monat
  • Well, this didn't age well...

    Isaac ArcilaIsaac ArcilaVor Monat
    • Actually it aged extremely well. Even the MSM is admitting the election was rigged.

      Tiny JTiny JVor 24 Tage
    • @aaron mayer What?

      Isaac ArcilaIsaac ArcilaVor Monat
    • Lol if you think for one second this is not a stolen election you are nutty. Joe Biden was 10 million votes more popular than Obama yet the Internet has literally all but removed comments boards everywhere simply because he is so hated. Kiss my arse with that garbage. I Ocean front property in Iowa for you. The man is literally months from his death bed and gets lost just standing there! No way

      aaron mayeraaron mayerVor Monat
  • Algorithm check

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  • Crowder took his ball and went home. Quit on all his fans.....

    S iiipS iiipVor Monat
  • What happened.... Law suits, voter fraud, Trump definitely won the election right? Now that's some hilarious shit... I finally get it, this isn't serious it's just a comedy show. 🤣😂🤣😂

    Rodney RaiceRodney RaiceVor Monat
    • He's a clown. An Alex Jones with better PR.

      Greg somebodyGreg somebodyVor Monat
  • Is it possible to bring this case to SCOTUS, again?

    Angie TurnerAngie TurnerVor Monat
    • No. Next question?

      Greg somebodyGreg somebodyVor Monat
  • comment for the algorithm, like incoming

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  • So interesting that Crowder hints at doing something more and not being able do this show because of it. So curious to see what’s coming, but I will be sad if we don’t see as much Crowder because of it.

    Nicholas LayNicholas LayVor Monat
  • Kind of funny seeing all the people insulting Crowder even though commenting boosts him in the algorithm.

    Mr.FoxMr.FoxVor Monat
  • His speech from 1:19:00 and on is incredible. Spot on, and perfect explanation to the injustice that has been allowed to be committed without repercussions. And I think his comments at 1:23:20 probably has to do why he is "missing". Best of luck to Crowder and the team!! God bless you all.

    rafael502rafael502Vor Monat
  • echo chamber get out of this plateform

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  • You goofball. You were wrong all along. No wonder you haven't posted a video lately. 🤣🤣😂

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  • Sup just commenting

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  • And Joe Biden is now the 46th President of the United States of America (USA). Crowder hasn't said anything lately. Hmm...

    Masque TVMasque TVVor Monat
  • Where the hell is Steve? Why no new content? Steve I need your comical twist to comprehend the fact that we have a senile President that is unoriginal and incapable of forming ideas on his own. Frankly, he couldn’t read his decently written propaganda speech during the inauguration without 17-20 mistakes, and not a single stutter.

    Rockinrasta ERockinrasta EVor Monat
  • I’m having serious withdrawals without louder with crowder. I’m actually going back and rewatching streams just to have something to do...

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  • Oof, this hasn't aged well.

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  • Ummm are yall ever coming back or is it to shameful for yall to come back lol..

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    • 😳😳😳

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    • that clown who helped incite the murderous insurrection, pro’ly huddled with his lawyers..... cause fools like him fit the profile of they who were at the cap.... out there SWEATING cause he knows the f.b.i. ‘gon dust that 🧯 for prints!!!! runcrowdRUN!

      Matt MorganMatt MorganVor Monat
  • When are you gonna debate Sam Seder

    Oliver BrownOliver BrownVor Monat
  • Well watching this hurts because this suit should have been heard. The Supreme Court-especially John roberts was cowardly and even corrupt by refusing to hear it. It’s Jan 19 now and it appears the steal has been allowed and successful. Just a travesty. Watched President Trump’s televised take off on Air Force one yesterday for Mirra Lago. Just a sad time.

    L EL EVor Monat
  • Smokin’ Joe Biden sworn in at noontime tomorrow 😎🤙🇺🇸

    Eliot MessEliot MessVor Monat
  • I love you guys! Will comment more after I watch the whole thing

    L EL EVor Monat
  • What happened Steven? You've been called out by about 10 youtubers for being gone over a month.

    Rachel SugarmuffinRachel SugarmuffinVor Monat
    • @Texas Rebelion he back lol

      ChattstateChattstateVor 29 Tage
    • Word on the street is he got shadow banned

      Texas RebelionTexas RebelionVor Monat
  • Crowder reallll quiet this past month lol.

    BlikenavEBlikenavEVor Monat
    • He's a joke who is now in hiding. Probably hiding his head in shame because his idiotic predictions didn't come true

      Greg somebodyGreg somebodyVor Monat
    • sucka in internet hiding.... he got shamed out of all serious conversations.......... ha haaaaa!

      Matt MorganMatt MorganVor Monat
  • A lot has changed since this. Wow

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  • Prouder with Crowder: Your psycho boyz are having serious withdrawals in your absence.

    Quest MusicQuest MusicVor Monat
    • @Matt Morgan nope, still here!!!! MAGA!

      Houston BinkleyHouston BinkleyVor Monat
    • him, the false prophets for tRump, the fundraising grifters, clickbaiters for the echo chamber..... all are in internet hiding right now.... shamed outta the serious conversation.........

      Matt MorganMatt MorganVor Monat
  • Where are you

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  • USA!!!!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  • 1st X here THANKS 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 BY THE GRACE OF ALMIGHTY GOD

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  • Where is Crowder now...

  • i’ve learned a lot from this, thanks.

    Davis exeDavis exeVor Monat
  • Why haven't there been any new videos on here by Steven? Is he gone? Or just in other platforms ? Ay dios mio we need an update Mr Crowder lol

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  • Comment

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  • It is weird this video was not showing on your newest videos on your youtube page. I had to find it through search engine.. other than google..

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  • Did you get taken off DEhave? I have not seen any new content and that is not like you. Miss your show!

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  • Big Iron

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  • Love your videos

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  • Is it Jack Dorsey ?

    Garance MeyersGarance MeyersVor Monat
  • Im telling you that election was rigged and i am so dissapointed. Never in my life felt so incredibly robbed.

    Casey SnowCasey SnowVor Monat
  • Trump staged a coup, proof me wrong.

    Ham SterHam SterVor Monat
    • @Jeffrey Eliot nope.

      Ham SterHam SterVor Monat
    • Democrats "make them pay" "why aren't there more uprising" "here is the bail to let our rapists, rioters, and pedophiles back onto the street to riot more" "We respect law enforcement. Go home and go in peace". You're joking right?

      Jeffrey EliotJeffrey EliotVor Monat
  • Schools: You take a 2 week Christmas vacation Jobs: You get a one week vacation Crowder: Weeeeeeelllll

    Oddy StefOddy StefVor Monat

    Chris GowardChris GowardVor Monat
    • @Chris Goward thanks for returning an answer for my question.

      KeelhaulKeelhaulVor Monat
    • @Keelhaul i think they'll be back next week

      Chris GowardChris GowardVor Monat
    • i cant find new contact on any platform.have you seen new stuff of steven's anywhere

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  • This video,is a video

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  • You're doing God's work :)👍 (I'm here to comment for the algorithm, because I want one of my favorite DEhave channels to be treated fairly!)

    Ai7AAi7AVor Monat
  • Get ready to kiss your guns good bye fascists. You've proven how mucu you hate my country.

    Chris PepperChris PepperVor Monat
    • @Chris Pepper yes I do know about BALLISTICS. So you support the the right of the people to keep and bear Arms and it not being infringed? Then I don't understand your original comment

      Jeffrey EliotJeffrey EliotVor Monat
    • @Jeffrey Eliot a very general question, if you knew about bollistics. I support both the military and citizens having fire arms. I knew plenty of people who enjoy hunting. I hope that helps you.

      Chris PepperChris PepperVor Monat
    • @Chris Pepper I'm asking you, do you support the government being armed and civilians being unarmed

      Jeffrey EliotJeffrey EliotVor Monat
    • @Jeffrey Eliot now where did you get that straw man argument from. It was the trump supporters beating armed cops with American flags. This is just simple domestic terrorism. If you want to defend it, do, it says a lot about your character. I own a gun so I dont even know where you were gojng with guns.

      Chris PepperChris PepperVor Monat
    • @Chris Pepper so you don't believe the government should have guns either?

      Jeffrey EliotJeffrey EliotVor Monat
  • I look at the AG and think, Sativa-Indica.

    Treasure Acres Vintage FindsTreasure Acres Vintage FindsVor Monat
  • " I cant because we're rough on budget" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Here's a comment

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  • Here for the alg

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  • How do comment Steven?

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  • Love this channel.

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  • Love your show!!

    19486kim19486kimVor Monat
  • I've never seen so much bs in one video!! Really??? This was your evidence. You are disgusting. That was all a lie and you know it but money talks. Sadly, I used to love this show... You gave more misinformation of why the same liars merged now so it makes it different!!! Pathetic....

    Laurie WalshLaurie WalshVor Monat
    • @Pesudo walsh didn't watch

      Jeffrey EliotJeffrey EliotVor Monat
    • Could you elaborate? Not from the US so I wanted more clarity, more context perhaps

      PesudoPesudoVor Monat
  • I think we should ALL flood the phone lines to Congress and the Senate. Can you get me the phone numbers for both?

    Darrell KingDarrell KingVor Monat
  • Steven, where do I find you now that Parler has been taken down? And ask your half-Asian lawyer how a CITIZEN can file an anti-trust lawsuit? Or maybe ALL Republicans should file suit.

    Darrell KingDarrell KingVor Monat
    • She should be careful. MOST of the President's are fighters. I'm one of them. I will never start the fight, but I WILL win it!!

      Darrell KingDarrell KingVor Monat
  • Congrats Steven, go on rogan again. Destroy 🤑🤘

    Zachary GurkaZachary GurkaVor Monat
  • Sad watching this now. How optimistic we were..

    Thicc LizzyThicc LizzyVor Monat
    • It’s the sound of a media bubble of comforting lies colliding with reality.

      KaddywompousKaddywompousVor Monat
  • pp poopoo youtubes algorithm is doo doo

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  • ...and little boy crowder ran all the way home

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  • Commenting to beat the algorithm

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  • Where did you guys go??? Miss you steven!!

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  • Algorithm posting.

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